Alice Nicholls Music

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''downtuned guitars. untuned pianos. unapologetically real lyrics. everything under the acoustic umbrella, which can often be found propped up by the bar at a folk festival trying to keep the rain out.'' - anm


Alice Nicholls is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, community musician and music therapist. She started writing songs and dabbling about with random instruments when she was nine and hasn't looked back (much) since.

Hailing from the flatlands of Lincolnshire, Alice later studied musi at Huddersfield and music therapy at Anglia Ruskin in Cambridge: she trained as a classical violinist and singer, but son found this rather constricting, and wanted to limit herself less and muck about with genres more. After 5 albums, a few reinventions, a couple of gap years and some annoying false starts, she is now based in Leeds and back on the gigging scene.

Vowing from an early age toplay every instrument she could get her hands on, Alice plays keyboard, acoustic and tenor guitar, ukulele, mandolin, violin, percussion, and sings her own material - and that's just in her live sets. Her albums often include other random things such as viola, clarinet, squeezeboxes, bottles, spoons, and even a typewriter. Part pop, part blues, part folk and all-original, with poetic and powerful lyrics and intriguing sounds, Alice Nicholls refuses to fit into a box and excels at defying definition.

Alice has played numerous gigs and festivals across the country and her songs and albums have been featured by The Beat Surrender, TFF Music, Never Enough Notes radio, Allographic Press, NAME Magazine, and Cambridgeshire 105FM and BBC Radio.

In addition to her music therapy and songwriting work, Alice is a keen musician and often plays for other artists and groups. Past session musician work includes singing with Fairhaven Singers (Cambridge) and Divers Voyces (Peterborough), orchestra pit work with the St. Neots VAMPS, and playing violin for the Leeds chamber group Helium Strings. She currently sings with the Leeds Guild Of Singers and is also available to sing and play at weddings. Alice is also the driving force behind FusionBox Music, a charity events initiative, and the violinist and vocalist in the duo 'Seven Strings' - and will happily jam with anyone who has the need, time, or inclination to muck about with music.


 What people have said about Alice:

'Excellent musicianship and a beautiful voice - a joy to behold' - Matt Waring, Zest For Life Magazine

'Traditional singer-songwriting at its best...Rarely before have we been struck by an artist who unquestioningly shows such endless promise' - TFF Music

 'Immensely talented with impressive songs'  - Tom Lane, BBC Radio

  'Her playing is a one moment appearing fragile and then in the blink of an eye a far more powerful resonance appears...a truly excellent collection of songs' - Kev Trotter, The Beat Surrender Magazine

'A musical chameleon' - LaDIYFest

‘An acoustic delight’ – Leanne Moden, Literary Ely Magazine