Alice Nicholls Music

music therapy

Alice is a qualified music therapist and community musician based in Yorkshire working with a variety of client groups, in particularly children and young people with special educational needs and behavioural and emotional disorders, and older adults with dementia and depression.

Music therapy is 'a psychological therapy which uses the unique qualities of music as a means of interaction between therapist and client. Attentive listening on the part of the therapist is combined with shared musical improvisation using instruments and voices so that people can communicate in their own musical language, whatever their level of ability.' (British Association for Music Therapy, 2014) In short, it is a form of creative therapy that addresses the emotional, physical, social, or communicative needs of a person through music, creating a bond between therapist and client through play and improvisation. MT can be used with people of any age and ability and has been proved to have huge benefits for children with special needs, adults with mental disorders, and older adults with dementia, to name but a few

Alice practises a broadly client-led method of music therapy: every session is different but always based around the client's needs, working towards long-term objectives. Music therapy can also overlap with community arts work, although they have often have different methods and outcomes.

If you wish to enquire about private music therapy please contact Alice through the website or at